Avenue for Fintech

Payment Infrastructure, Spend Management and Buy Now Pay Later teams automate operations alerting and playbooking with Avenue

Close the loop on


Card Misuse

Suspicious Account Activity

Manual ID Review

Large Transactions


SLA Nearing Breach

Missing Data

AML Adherence

3P Data Ingest Broken

Customer Care

Negative Feedback

Payment Failed

Churn Risk

Onboarding Issues

“With Avenue, we don't need to check loan by loan for exceptions. It gives us the ability to query our entire portfolio for various compliance needs. We get foresight into SLA adherence, giving us the chance to correct any issues before the end of the month. Avenue has made life at Valon less stressful and offers us more time for crucial client service.”

Kevin Lee

Analytics @ Valon

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Real-time fraud detection

24/7 compliance

Proactive account management


100% SLA's

Millions recouped in fraud

10 hours of analyst QA time saved/week

Hours of analyst QA time saved

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